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Create balance in the body and mind

“You do not need to seek freedom in a different land, for it exists with your own body, heart, mind, and soul.”
 B.K.S. Iyengar



Iyengar yoga was developed by BKS Iyengar (1918-2014). His method emphasises precision and alignment in the asana (poses).

Simple props, such as blocks, belts and bolsters are used to maximise the openings and build awareness of the body. Props provide support to the less flexible, and extra extension to the more advanced student.

The teacher, Kathleen Powell is a certified Iyengar yoga instructor. She has been practicing Iyengar yoga for more than 20 years, and teaching at studios around Auckland since 2007.

At Yoga Phala class sizes are small (maximum of 6 students per class) offering students personal attention and instruction appropriate to his or her ability and experience.

Rewards of regular Yoga Practice

Calmness, Focus,
Energy, Strength

Increased stamina, strength & flexibility
Improved joint mobility
Improved balance and body awareness
Better concentration & ability to focus
Strengthened immune system
Improved posture
Improved breathing leading to better sleep and increased energy
Various timeslots available


All classes are open to all levels. Beginners welcome!

Classes are 80 minutes duration.

Please book your place by texting 021 189 3818
Next 6-week Beginners Course starts on Thursday 27 February 2020 at 6pm

Various packages available


  • Casual Class


  • 10 class concession card
  • 6 month expiry


  • 5 class concession card
  • 3 month expiry


  • 6-week Course fee
  • Beginner Courses are run every quarter.
Equipment is provided.
Concession cards are transferable but not refundable.
Payment is by cash, credit card or bank transfer to:

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